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Vital Focus Coaching

Vital Focus

We are experts at clarifying a true path forward with values and goals that need to be met in order for you to live your most fulfilling life. 

We uncover blocks and patterns in behavior that may be limiting you in your career and personal life, along with championing your unique long-term goals. You will feel more grounded and clear, ready to face the next chapter with full confidence and enthusiasm. We teach techniques to tame your inner critics that are practical and effective. We create a path forward by clearing doubts and fears. We instigate a motivating mindset that is sustainable.


Coaching is an alliance, a partnership between the coach and client. It is a dialogue-based process where we use techniques learnt from formal Coach training at an ICF accredited institute (Co-Active Training Institute) as well as NLP techniques.


Coaching is our passion.  Working with Vital Focus helps you to identify your inner resources and put them into action in order to achieve your desired goals, every time.


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" - Seneca


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Gottlieberstr. 36, Konstanz 78462, Germany

Tell us a little about yourself, and why you would like coaching. We will contact you to have an initial 30 minute discussion by Zoom.  

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