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Leadership is about decision making. Making timely and accurate decisions is what good leaders do well.  The issue with that is, both of these aspects, time and accuracy are actually in conflict with each other.  Cutting through the anxiety caused by this conflict and approaching the decision with some power requires identifying which decisions are going to have the biggest impact to your business.  You need to understand what the trade offs are for each decision that needs to be made, and work out what the domino effects of your decisions may be to the best of your ability and with the knowledge you have at hand.  To do this, you need an objective sounding board, someone who has no vested interest in the outcome of your decision.  In other words, a sparring partner who can help you identify and get distance from the process in order to gain clarity and accuracy. Someone who can give you radical honesty and who holds you accountable.  That is where Vital Focus Coaching comes in.  To learn more about our Leadership Coaching packages please contact us here.

'The leader is one who, out of clutter, brings simplicity...out of discord, harmony...and out of difficulty, opportunity.

-Albert Einstein - 

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