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Navigating Entrepreneurship

Starting a new venture is both exciting and daunting; so many possibilities and points to consider in the development of your vision and idea; and at the same time, so many avenues to navigate to bring your idea to life. Robust planning at the outset is a fundamental and key necessity in the successful launch and sustainability of your start-up. Having an objective sounding board to help make the decisions through guidance of your thought process saves time, energy and reduces mistakes in choosing business partners and service providers for the long term.  This in turn helps you focus on the actual business of your business!

The quote by Seneca above could not be more appropriate for entrepreneurs at the beginning of the new venture journey.  It is also important to remember this through other stages of the start up process.  Often an entrepreneur can lose time and energy because in the day to day running of their business, with financial pressure and deadlines they forget the ‘why’.  WHY did they start this business in the first place?  What are they offering the world and why do they think it is important? 

is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’



Mindset & Motivational Programme

Tapping into  and redefining your original passion and drive is imperative to keep the fires burning, keep employees engaged and keep sales coming in the door.  Having a good idea is not enough to drive customers.  You also need to pay the bills, stick to your goals and grow your business.  It is important to have a sounding board to show you the hard truths, be radically honest and help keep you focused.

If you want more information on our Mindset & Motivational Programme contact us here to register for a no obligation discussion on your needs.

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