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Why Trust us?

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Lights in the Dark

With such a huge array of Coaches available, how can you be sure we are the ones to work with? 


We are trained through the Co-Active Training Institute, an ICF accredited coach training course. All our Coaching is underlined by a basic and crucial passion to help people forge forward with clarity and conviction in their actions. Some of the ways we do this is by:


  • Helping you to stay committed to yourself and your goals;

  • Being a sparring partner to help navigate decisions that will direct you where you want to go;

  • Identifying and fine-tuning various life skills in order for you to be the best you can be;

  • A  sounding board with radical honesty;

  • Holding you accountable;

  • Encouraging and supporting you;

  • Being in your corner with no personal agenda or vested interest in the outcomes that transpire.


There is something very special about being in a client's corner, helping guide the client to make changes that are needed in order to move forward in the direction they have chosen with full commitment.  




What is Coaching exactly?


I am often asked this question and like to answer with the analogy of a musician. When a person first begins to learn a new musical instrument they are first taught how to play individual notes, then slowly larger and larger pieces of music.  Eventually, the musician no longer needs a teacher, but a coach to help them find and create their own unique sound.  This is what a coach does for you, in whichever area of life you would like them to help you with, a coach helps you focus on your own dreams and goals in order to achieve the results you want.  Creative people often have coaches to help keep them focus on how to express their unique abilities, there should be no reason why each and every one of us does not have a coach to do the same in order for us to reach our highest potential. 


Coaching is a partnership, an alliance that helps you to create and adapt to change so that you can live the life you desire.

Coaching can be many things, in general terms it is designed to create a personal or professional change, or to help you through a change that is already underway in your life. Coaching is based on the premise that you already have the necessary inner resources to make the changes you aspire to.

Coaching helps navigate difficult decisions and identify the major from the minor in order for you to make decisions with strength and clarity.

How can Coaching benefit you?

There are many reasons to her a coach, below are a few questions which help clarify some of the ways Coaching can benefit you.

  • Are you not sure where you want your career to be in five, ten or fifteen years?

  • Are you sure where you want to be, but not sure how to create and implement a plan to get there?

  • Are you having trouble deciphering minor from major decisions, and need a mentor to help you clarify in order to best allocate your time?

  • Are you starting a new venture and need a sounding board or sparring partner?

  • Are there things you wish you could change but don’t know how?

  • Do you ever feel ‘stuck’?

  • Have you recently found yourself in the midst of a challenging transition?

  • Are you seeking clarity in your life, or in a vision for the future?

Co Active Logo.png
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