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Career Coaching

Do you know where you want your career to be in five, ten or fifteen years?  What do you want it look like?  Does your picture match your beliefs and values for the long term?  Can you forge a path forward knowing for sure that this is what you want?  Do you need to keep your options open until more doors open up, or do you need to find new doors to open yourself? These are just some of the questions I help you answer and together we can put together a plan.

Many people move from one position to the next, without remembering to tap into the ‘zest of inspiration’ inside of them.  Sometimes you need to fight to hold onto your true direction instead of getting swept away with the flow and letting the wind direct you.  Sometimes you realise that you could have done things differently to plan a path forward which you would have been happier within the longer term.  A path that would lead you to where you want to be, a more sustainable approach.

Vital Focus helps you identify and pursue a career that’s based on where you are best to focus your energies in our everchanging working landscape. Together­­­­­­­ we’ll discover the clues to what careers best fit your natural strengths and experiences leading us to the best direction for your future. Vital Focus creates a safe environment for you to brainstorm possibilities together, without critical judgment. You’ll see that once we’ve clarified what you have to offer and what’s important to you, you’ll have new options that you may not have considered before.

is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’



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