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Burnt Out?

The key to handling burn out is to seek the support you need. 

In our busy lives, we can forget to recharge our batteries and take a moment for ourselves.  In this era of technology we never give our minds or bodies a chance to catch up, and as a result our emotional and physical health can suffer.  Symptoms of burn out are:

- Increased illness

- Forgetfullness and impaired concentration

- Insomnia

- Chronic fatigue

- Anxiety

- Depression

In our coaching sessions we pave a way forward and out of the burn out through firstly recognizing it for what it is, reversing the effects by using techniques to manage priorities and finally build resillience to help take care of emotional and physical health using long term sustainable approaches which you can use for years to come. 

If you would like to talk to us about relieveing your burn out, contact us to make an appointment here.

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