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Student Workshops

Student Pathway Workshop

Our Student Pathway workshops are designed to help guide students closer to their goals and have a clear path towards living the life they want to lead.

The workshop is broken into five parts:

1. Gallup Clifton Strengths finder analysis

2. Values Exploration

3. Perspective Expansion

4. Speech and vocal coaching

5. Oh Captain My Captain

Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to explore and enrich their growth with diversity and challenge. For this and other Student Workshops please contact us here for more information.

Student Leadership

Have a Student Leadership Team that needs some help with direction and inspiration? Do your student leaders have a clear charter?

Students who have been elected or who have volunteered to be the Leaders of a group are enthusiastic and ready to begin their journey as Leaders.  Where do they go from here? What if there was a workshop that could help guide them to clarify their values and who they actually want to be as Leaders?

At Vital Focus Coaching we conduct workshops for Student Leadership teams to help with just that.  Contact us here for more information.

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